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It is a well-known fact that dog's ribs are one of the first things people notice when they look at your dog's looks. It is the most visible part of a dog's body and there are many ways to show off your dog's ribs for all of your friends to see. In this article I am going to give you three different methods on how you can expose your dog's ribs showing off your dog's great looking design.

dogs ribs showing


The first method I am going to discuss in this article is the rub-on ribbons. There are many stores out there that have this ribbon available for your dogs to use. These ribbons come in different sizes and shapes to fit your dog's breed of dog. The best thing about these ribbons is that you do not have to cut the ribbons, all you have to do is simply cut the string and then attach it to the dog's collar or the bag. If you have very good at sewing then you can even make your own design with different colors and shapes.

These ribbons are a great way to show your dog's personality and style. Most of the designs are pretty cool and unique. My personal favorite is the ones that have cartoon characters on them. This will make your dog's eyes pop and will make your dog stand out in the crowd. These ribbons are available at many pet stores and are quite affordable.

Another method of exposing your dog's ribs for people to see is by using a set of clear, or frosted, eye catching ribbons. These ribbons will really stand out in the crowd and you can easily get many of them to match your dog's coat or the other things around your dog's neck. These ribbons can be found at any store that sells candles, or just about any pet store. There are also a variety of different designs to choose from and you can get as creative as you want to make your dogs look as amazing as they can.

For the more adventurous ones among you there are also some homemade dog ribbons that you can make. The first step you will need to do is get a bunch of your dog's favourite things and gather up a bunch of their hair. Once you have gathered all of your dog's hair, you will want to start tying the ribbon around their necks. You can use different colors and different kinds of ribbons on each dogs head until they have them completely covered.

Now you will want to start tying these ribbons around your dog's neck. Start by putting one end of the ribbon right behind the dog's ear. Now put the other end behind the dog's head and wrap it around his back. Make sure that when you tie it around his back that it is tied securely. Once you have made the transition from side to side that you have it in the correct position. You should have two or three strands of the ribbon on either side of the dog's neck.

Now take a ruler or some type of bright colored tape measure and find the dog's ribs. You will want to be sure to write down how far you need the dog's ribs to go. Now take some soft fabric or a pillowcase and place it on the tape measure so that you know how much room you have. Wrap the ribbons around this fabric and secure it to the ruler by sewing it in. Repeat this process for each side of your dog's back. This will make a great pattern for your doggie clothing.

There are many ways that you can dress your dog with their favorite dog's ribs. You may choose to make them all wear them at one time or you may choose to just have one on each dog. Either way is great. Just remember to make sure that you start out by covering the dog's rib cages. This will help keep the dog's skin nice and moist, which will help you get a good fit on your dog's clothing.