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There’s nothing better than going for a long drive and being able to bring your beloved pooch along for the ride with you.


Daily Paws via TikTok

But finding (or packing) enough food for your pet can be tricky — and sometimes it’s nearly impossible to resist the puppy dog eyes of your pet begging for a bite of whatever food you manage to stop and pick up along the way.

The concept hasn’t gone unnoticed by some major fast-food chains, and it looks like In-N-Out is in on the pet love after one TikTok account uncovered the burger joint’s secret dog menu.

TikTok account Daily Paws revealed the bark-friendly menu hack in a video that has since been viewed over 4 million times.

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“Did you know that your dog can eat at In-N-Out,” the video begins. “What if I told you that there’s a secret dog menu at some of your favorite fast-food joints?”


Best friends who eat fast food together stay together, am I right?

The video shows a man and his dog rolling up to the drive thru and ordering a “pup patty” at the window.

“The pup patty is a simple, unsalted broiled hamburger that your dog will love,” the video explains. “And the best thing about the secret dog menus? They’re free!”

In-N-Out is a West Coast-based chain known for its burgers and shakes. The company reportedly brought in a whopping $1.073 billion in revenue sales last year.

The video has received over 470,000 likes and generated quite a buzz, for better or for worse.

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Many have taken to the comments claiming that the pup patty is not in fact free, with many saying the special order is between $1 and $2.

“There is no ‘secret dog menu’ and it’s not free,” Abrile Cabrera wrote. “I worked there for almost 2 years and you pay to get the unsalted patty.”

Daily Paws responded to a comment claiming that the patty wasn’t free by explaining that it “might depend on location.”

Others raved about the unknown hack, calling it “amazing” and “so cool.”

Another user assured commenters that the patty might not be free but is priced at a “very reasonable” amount.

Either way, looks like your four-legged friends will be eating well alongside you the next time you’re craving a burger.

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