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Bhokne is one of the most well known of all the Bajan dogs. A small breed, the Bhokne is light in weight and easily grows to around a hundred pounds. The dog is said to have originated from the hills of Bhutan where the cold climate and high altitude make it a perfect dog for mountain climbing. They have strong muscular qualities and are used in different fields of activity like medicine, law, logging, farming and so on.

dog bhokne wala



dog bhokne wala

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The story of Bhokne was believed to have begun when a dog owner living near the Himalayas decided that he would challenge his friends to take a dog for a walk. In the course of their journey, the friends threw a rock at the dog which caused it to lose its senses. It started to bark loudly and then scampered off towards the rocks. This frightened the other dogs who followed it, thinking it was a thunder storm. The dog returned after thirty days without a trace, which ended its long and legendary story.

Today, the name "Bhokne" or "Bhokne Wala" is used to refer to any dog found in the wild. It is estimated that there are around seven to ten million dog walas in the world today. However, only about five percent of them live in Bhoknes. Bhokne is very much endangered due to poaching and habitat loss. It is believed that the world's population of wals will die out in the next twenty years.

According to legend, the beautiful dog was born to a young female named Chitra. When the king of Kashi came to see her in her hut, he was so taken with her beauty that he vowed to take her away with him to the palace. The king put off fetching her and ordered his ministers to do so instead, because he loved her. They searched high and low but could not find her.

Eventually they resorted to burning down the hut and scattering the ashes into the river. However, one spring morning Chitra was walking on a small hilltop when she saw her old master lying on the ground with a spear in his chest. She quickly realized that it was her beloved dog Bhokne. Instantly, she picked him up and brought him to the king. The king embraced Chitra and gave her a flower that bloomed into a lotus. The king then declared that Chitra was his queen.

It was only after Bhokne won his battle against Arogya Mookerjee that the king decided to marry her. However, he informed Bhokne that the bride was not his property and that he would be the legal owner of her. This caused great distress to Bhokne because she had only been trained for a war and did not know how to run a kingdom. However, in time she learned how to rule her kingdom and became a beloved wife of the king.

When the British ruled India in the later years, they appointed a new regal wife, Devi Subhadra, as the Queen of Britain. Even though she was so young, she managed to rule India. In addition, she became the first Queen of England by becoming the first female PM of the country. There is no doubt that Devi Subhadra played an important part in establishing the Raj. However, Queen Victoria refused to name Devi Subhadra the queen consort and this caused a great rift between the two queens.

Today, dog walk is looked upon as a brave and fearless creature, but at one point it looked like it might be afraid. This was because of the rigorous training that it had undergone. In fact, it is not uncommon to see brave or courageous dogs that have been trained to bravely fight for their masters. Perhaps that is why dog wala does not like to be held on a leash and that is why this creature prefers to roam around. Some people believe that dog wala was inspired to live by the story of King Solomon, who supposedly kept a dog called a dog wala that he fed and cared for.