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Leona Lewis, smiling and looking at the camera Show caption Leona Lewis: ‘I’m half-Guyanese, so my roasts are a bit eclectic.’ Photograph: Getty Images
Leona Lewis

The singer on pancakes, mood music and being a godmother

Sun 19 Dec 2021 06.45 GMT

Describe your Sunday morning I like a bit of a snooze – as much as you can with four dogs jumping on the bed demanding attention. I’ll cook a late breakfast – pancakes, or scrambled tofu – and then just chill. Play music, drink coffee, walk the dogs. Easy.

What’s playing? Reggae, always, just like with my family. It puts me in a laid-back mood, makes me feel safe with nostalgia. In LA I’m far from home, so reggae is comforting. Just like Bob Marley said: everything’s gonna be all right.

How do you relax? I love to be in nature, so I take long walks through the canyons. The week is manic; I cherish switching off. Grandma was very Christian – it was her day of God. In my own way, I treat Sundays as sacred.

A special Sunday? The day my goddaughter was christened; one of my best friend’s first child. It was love-filled and emotional. There’s this picture of me holding her tightly. It was so special. I’m a godmother three times over – with no kids of my own, everyone gives me that responsibility.

Sunday lunch? I like to cook. I’m half-Guyanese, so my roasts are a bit eclectic. I’ll do the traditional trimmings, but with a West Indian gravy. It’s spiced with whatever I can find in the kitchen. My British friends here on the West Coast love to join; the American ones sometimes question why I keep making them Thanksgiving dinners in the summer.

Sunday night? We might watch a film, but I’m in bed by 10.30. I recently bought a head-massager and have started giving myself some love with it last thing in the evening. Apparently, it’s good for headaches, hair growth and brain stimulation. I’m trying to keep my phone in the living room overnight to keep my mind clear, but I’ll probably watch dog videos on TikTok before sleeping.

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