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Lhasa dogs are a great choice for any home. But you may want to know more about them before making a selection. This breed is very distinctive and the first thing that will draw your attention to it is the color. The coat of this dog is naturally curly, silky and dense and it's the color most people first notice. When you look at lhasa dogs pictures, the first thing you are going to see is its color but there are many more things to note.

lhasa dogs pictures


When you look at lhasa dogs pictures you need to pay special attention to the ears. These dogs have large floppy ears and you can't help but be drawn to them. You should make sure that their ears are clean, groomed and free from fleas and ticks. This will keep them healthy and their ears will stay healthy. If you do not keep up with these important tasks, you will be putting yourself in danger of having your dog develop ear mites.

Pay close attention to the eyes, too. The eyes of a lhasa dogs are a beautiful bright blue. You will notice that their eyes do not appear to have any lines around them at all. They may appear to have a slight mischievous look in their eyes as well. A lhasa dogs face can appear quite serious or may be smiling with some intensity. So when you are looking at lhasa dogs pictures, pay close attention to the expression on the face of your dog.

One other feature you should pay close attention to is the eyes and the pupils of the lhasa dogs. Most people don't think about the eyes of these dogs but they are highly important because the eyes are going to be the first thing a person notices about your dog. If you have an inquiring dog, you will want to make sure that the eyes of your lhasa dogs are wide open and dilated. An extremely narrow pupil will indicate that the dog might not be alert and that he or she might be frightened.

The ears of the dog should also be examined closely. It is important that you check to see if the dog has any sort of condition such as mites, warts, or fleas. These conditions will cause itching and irritation in the ears of the dog. So you should be sure to have these conditions treated before taking the picture.

Take a look at the tail of the lhasa as well. While the tail might not be something that you would look at on its own, it is an important part of the dog. A well-developed Lhasa's tail is a sign of health and happiness. And while lhasa dogs don't have much of a back, you should still take a look at it for its back. A properly back is a sign that the dog has good health.

A Lhasa dog will sometimes display a white collar. When looking at pictures of the dog, you will notice that this collar is usually white with black lettering. This is a way to identify the dog and help other people know what they are looking at. You should never let anyone else touch the dog, even if you think they are touching the correct area as there is always the possibility of the dog being allergic to them.

You can often find lhasa dogs pictures online. Just do a quick search and you will find plenty of great sites. Even if you cannot take a picture of your lhasa, you will be able to get an idea of its personality. It will give you a better idea if it is a timid and friendly dog.