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When you think about dogs, one of the first things that comes into your mind is their strong smell. They tend to smell better than you do and it's almost a given fact that they do. But just how strong is their smell? Just how bad are dogs smell compared to humans? Let's find out.

dogs smell compared to humans


Let's start by assuming that we are dealing with dogs only. A dog's sense of smell is not nearly as refined as a human's. Dogs can't tell the difference between what's sweet and what's not, they can't tell the difference between fish and meat, and they can't tell you if something is safe to eat or not. That's why their smell is so strong. The scent glands on dogs are less developed than those found on humans, making them even more potent when it comes to scents.

We have humans with us for thousands of years and compared to them, dogs have been around for even longer. And humans, given their huge size, probably smell much better than dogs. But when it comes down to it, do dogs really stink? Well, to some extent. To some extent they will always stink, depending on the breed of dog you have.

Let's start with the breed of dog. Many breeds of dogs tend to smell differently. In general, medium-sized dogs don't smell too badly, while long haired dogs have a stronger smell. Also, ear infections can cause dogs to smell bad, so this is something to consider as well. But there are exceptions, such as when dogs have diseases that tend to make them stink. These diseases include kennel cough, which makes the airways in the dog inflamed and makes the smell quite bad.

Next, let's take a look at humans. Smelly humans are a very common problem, although most of us don't like it too much. If you have ever had the misfortune of being in the company of an un-smelly human, then you know what I'm talking about. While many people think dogs smell bad, they really don't. In fact, dogs carry with them within their bodies, one of the world's oldest known scents, which humans have only just started to recognize.

Humans carry this scent all over their body. It is, in fact, so strong that when a person walks by a person, and the other person smells it, they begin to get extremely ill. This happens because the scent is so powerful that the brain begins to confuse it for the actual smell of a human. It gets so confused, in fact, that a lot of people start to get really sick as a result. However, dogs don't have this scent, so humans do not become ill from dogs carrying human scent.

Another reason dogs are better than humans at smelling is because dogs are very good at balancing the scents of their body. Humans have to constantly clean off different parts of their body, while dogs can smell only on the tip of their nose. This means that dogs are much better at neutralizing smells. For instance, if you were to walk into a restaurant and the chef was cooking off some bad smelling food, the human that smelled it would probably be upset and angry. However, if you walked into the same restaurant and the chef was cooking off a brand new human smelling food, you wouldn't be that mad at all.

In conclusion, dogs smell much worse than humans. However, it's kind of unfair to put dogs in a category with humans. Humans have been getting this sort of stink for eons, while dogs have only recently started to notice they have human scent on them. If humans could get away with it, they might be able to take over the world. Luckily, we humans still have our power, even over dogs.